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 The International Descent of the river Sella:

This competicion of canoeing is celebrated the first Saturday of the month of August between  the Asturian localities of Arriondas and Ribadesella. Is considered of International tourist interest, and is the most important rivers descent test of the world.


"The Sella is not, neither wants to be, a spectacle. All the contrary thing (what does not remove that be spectacular) : IS A FESTIVAL.

It nobody does, better said, is done among all. As many as they respond al Sella are not spectators, but ACTORS. It is the Multitude what converts al Sella in somewhat unique. different to all it others. The landscape, the multitude, the environment, the necklaces, etc: That is the Sella".

Dionisio de la Huerta (Founder of the Descent)


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